Chrome OS is the Most Popular Laptop Operating System After Windows

Chrome OS is the Most Popular Laptop Operating System After Windows

Maybe not many people know about the Chrome OS, operating system for Chromebook. In fact, Chrome OS is the second most popular laptop operating system in the world, only losing to Microsoft Windows.

Chrome OS is more widely used than macOS, the operating system used by Apple for Mac devices, both MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. Chrome OS’ market share in Q4 2020 was almost double that of macOS.

Based on IDC data, until the end of 2020 for desktop devices, laptops, and workstations, sales of devices with the Chrome OS operating system have overtaken sales of macOS devices.

The operating system made by Google overtook Apple in Q2, with a market share of 10% versus 7.6%. This growth continued until Q3 and Q4, with the largest difference occurring in Q4 where Chrome OS had a 14.4% market share while macOS was only 7.7%.

The ruler of this class is, of course, Microsoft with its Windows OS, although its Q1 market share has decreased compared to Q4. That is 87.5% in Q1, 81.7% in Q2, 78.9% in Q3, and 76.7% in Q4.

It’s just that for the desktop class, Chrome OS is still inferior to macOS. According to StatCounter, in the desktop class until January 2021, macOS is still far ahead of Chrome OS, which is 16.91% compared to 1.91%.

Naturally, not many desktop devices use Chrome OS, and more laptop devices use this Google Chrome browser-based operating system.

For information, compared to 2019, Chrome OS’ market share growth in 2020 has quadrupled.

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