Clubhouse Added Messaging Feature With Backchannel

Clubhouse Added Messaging Feature With Backchannel

The longer a social media app has been around, the more likely it is that it will start taking features from other social media apps. In a change from overhauling features from other apps, Clubhouse today launched Backchannel, its own direct messaging service for the eponymous app.

As expected, Backchannel offers rudimentary messaging support. Clubhouse users can select group chats, or they can have individual chats.

While you can do the basics like sending and responding to messages, it doesn’t support more advanced common tasks like sending pictures, gifs, or videos.

An update that will bring more features is planned soon, the company said. While no features have been defined, it will likely focus on connecting those key gaps in functionality as quickly as possible.

However, Clubhouse sees it as a backup to its main audio room feature, making it an add-on tool.

“If you’re a speaker, you can use the Backchannel to chat with your co-hosts, plan what questions to ask next, or decide who to pull from the audience,” says Clubhouse.

“If you are a listener, you can chat with your other friends in the audience whenever you are in a room.” You can also use it to plan events, start conversations with people you find particularly interesting, and thank others personally for their contributions.

Clubhouse Added Messaging Feature With Backchannel

Users can access the Backchannel with the new airplane icon appearing in the latest version of the Clubhouse app on Android or iOS. Like many chat services, you can only send messages to your friends, and messages from non-friends will be redirected to the message request folder.

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