Clubhouse Launches “Music Mode” Feature

Clubhouse Launches “Music Mode” Feature

Clubhouse has just launched a new feature called Music Mode audio or Music Mode which makes sound audible without noise.

This latest feature is useful for maximizing broadcast music with high quality and stereo sound. This feature is suitable for musicians and content creators who want to play songs online live with supporting musical instruments such as piano, guitar and others.

Creators can also use professional audio equipment external microphones to perform music or sound on platform Clubhouse. This new feature can be activated while the user is talking on the room by clicking the “three dots” icon and selecting “Audio Quality”, then selecting the “Music” option to start the session.

In addition, Clubhouse has also added a “Stereo” feature to the Clips feature so that any shared conversation snippets from speakers using Music Mode will also sound clear. Music Mode is said to be rolling out for iOS devices first and then available for Android devices.

Clubhouse has also updated the search field by moving it to the top of the main page. This update aims to make it easier to access for users who want to find certain topics.

To start the quest, just scroll up the hallway and the user will find a search field. Finally, the user can wave (wave) to friends on the platform directly from the search field on iOS devices and immediately appears on Android devices.

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