Clubhouse Unsafe? Here are 5 Risks You Need to Know

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Clubhouse has become one of the most popular applications in recent times. However, this audio-chat based platform is said to be potentially unsafe because it poses a number of risks to its users.

There are at least five security risks when using Clubhouse, especially regarding the user’s personal data collected by the application. The following data privacy threats that Clubhouse posses to their users :

1. Recording the Conversation

Clubhouse is a short audio based application. Unlike podcasts that can be listened to at any time, recorded conversations in this application are not recorded on the user’s cellphone. Clubhouse can record user audio.

The application claims to keep recordings of user conversations just in case security authorities such as police are required in criminal cases. Clubhouse did not specify who had access and what violations caused it to record the conversation.

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2. Recording User Friend Information

If someone wants to join the Clubhouse, they must be invited by an existing user. Their contacts must be in the user’s phone book.

But unfortunately, with this policy Clubhouse will collect a list of contacts for those who already have an account. If a user also links to a social media account such as Twitter, for example, Clubhouse also collects that information.

The problem occurs when the user is not at all interested in Clubhouse but a friend is linking their contacts. There is no mechanism yet whether Clubhouse can delete the collected data, such as contacts and other social media.

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3. Clubhouse Account Cannot Be Deleted

Even if the user has an account, they cannot immediately delete the account. Clubhouse does not provide an option if the user wants to delete the account and its data. They must send a request to email and be approved by the Clubhouse.

4. Can Share Personal Data Without Notification

In the Clubhouse application policy, they disclose that the application can share users’ personal data with other parties with their affiliates for now or in the future.

Unfortunately, Clubhouse also wrote “may share the categories of personal data described above without further notice to you.” That means, Clubhouse users are not entitled to know that their personal information has been used outside the Clubhouse.

5. Can Track User Activity

Clubhouse’s privacy policy says they can use cookies, pixels and tracking technology to monitor user activity, both within the Clubhouse and on other websites.

In addition, Clubhouse can also share identification data and internet activity data with social media platforms or other advertising partners. The data will later be used for advertisements on the user’s website or social media.

Even though Clubhouse has not monetized its services until now, the policy proves that Clubhouse will soon do so. This can be said is quite fair, considering that every business must have a way to earn money.

More InformationNo, Clubhouse is not on Android even though there are dozens of apps in the Play Store that look like the real thing