Crash Bandicoot game: full speed! out on iPhone and iPad

Crash Bandicoot game: full speed!  out on iPhone and iPad

If you are a fan of Crash Bandicoot games, then today is your day! A new game Crash Bandicoot is out: at full speed! for iPhone and iPad. The game could be pre-ordered since March. It was released by the game developer company Candy Crush Saga.


Crash Bandicoot: full speed! will tell about the new adventures of Crash. If you miss the games of the 2000s, then you can enjoy this style on your smartphone.

Crash Bandicoot: full speed! Is an endless action game that can be downloaded for free, but contains in-app purchases.

Help Crash and Coco run through the obstacles that need to be jumped over and smashed. Mysterious zones and battles with the minions of Dr. Neo Cortex await you. Swipe and travel to wild but cute places. Crash and Coco will be able to try on en-Igmatic skins, build an arsenal of cool weapons, and get tons of trophies for masterful races.

The game contains many legendary locations and beloved characters. You will meet Nina Cortex, Dingodil, Dr. En-Jin, False Crash, Falsecoco and many more.

The new game promises over 100 hours of gameplay, over 50 bosses and 12 different maps.

The game is already possible download from App Store… It should also be available for Android users.

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