DarkSide malware operators “earned” more than $ 90 million in 9 months

DarkSide malware operators “earned” more than $ 90 million in 9 months

Elliptic blockchain analysts, counted that the operators of the ransomware DarkSide, which has been active since last year, managed to “earn” about $ 90 million on ransoms.

“A total of just over $ 90,000,000 in Bitcoin has been paid out to DarkSide from 47 different wallets,” the company said in a report.

Citing data provided by the DarkTrace platform, analysts write that the hack group appears to have attacked at least 99 companies, of which approximately 47% paid the ransom. At the same time, the average payment was $ 1.9 million.

May was supposed to be a record month for hackers, but after the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, DarkSide operators announced they would cease operations, after which the group’s wallet was emptied.

Since DarkSide operated on a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) model, the ransomware developers kept about 25% of the ransom paid, or 10% if the ransom exceeded $ 5 million. Therefore, Elliptic believes that in fact the hackers “earned” about $ 15.5 million, while the rest of the funds remained in the hands of DarkSide’s “partners”, that is, attackers who rented malware and then deployed it in the networks of hacked companies.

DarkSide malware operators "earned" more than $ 90 million in 9 months

Elliptic’s report is quite consistent with previous research: according to information security experts, the hack group Maze / Egregor made $ 75 million, Ryuk – about $ 150 million, REvil – about $ 100 million (according to the hackers themselves), and the operators of the ransomware Netwalker received approximately 25 million (over a three month period).


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