Dekā KWGT Mod Apk v1.7 (Paid)

Dekā KWGT Mod Apk v1.7 (Paid)

Introducing Dekā for KWGT Pro.

Note: This is not a stand-alone app. The KWGT Pro Key is required.

Dekā features:
• 70 unique widgets of many types
• Integrated dark mode in all widgets
• Frequent, timely updates

These widgets are designed and developed by Abhishek Kumar, and are published by the widgetology collective.

You can follow Abhishek here:, and widgetology here:

These widgets are copyright of their respective member (Abhishek Kumar) of the widgetology collective. Using these widgets for a commercial purpose without the consent of widgetology or the widgets’ owner is strictly prohibited.

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Download Links:

Dek_KWGT_v1.7_P.apk – 29.7 MB

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