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As one of the giants in the technology sector, Google continues to issue breakthroughs. After successfully releasing the Pixel 5 to the market, Google also introduced Gcam Apk or Google Camera. Currently, there are three versions which are 8.1, 8.3, and 8.4.

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  • Google Camera Screenshot
  • Google Camera Screenshot
  • Google Camera Screenshot
  • Google Camera Screenshot
  • Google Camera Screenshot
  • Google Camera Screenshot
  • Google Camera Screenshot
  • Google Camera Screenshot
  • Google Camera Screenshot
  • Google Camera Screenshot

Compared to other camera applications, Gcam has quite a lot of advantages. For example, in this application, there is a Storage Safe Mode feature. With this feature, you can store more photos and videos. Not only that, there are many other advanced Gcam features.

For example, there is a night sight feature and even a cinematic pan feature which is quite sophisticated for the current camera size. But indeed, at first Gcam Apk can only be used by Pixel smartphone users. Android users, usually can’t do it.

However, with a certain installation process on your Android smartphone, you can enjoy the various features provided in Gcam. If you want to know how you can listen to some of the descriptions we provide in this article.

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What is Gcam Apk?

Gcam Apk is a camera application developed by Google. This camera application, originally intended to only be used on Pixel smartphones, is also made by Google. In other words, this camera still cannot be used on android devices.

However, there are third parties who are trying to make Gcam compatible with various smartphones they have. Well, the applications that we provide here have been modified by certain developers so that they can be used by any device. Therefore, you can freely install it.

Something is interesting about Gcam Apk. Google, as a technology giant, designs camera applications that can improve photo results. Improved photo results do not affect the camera specifications of each smartphone.

In other words, even though your smartphone can only produce low-quality photos, this Gcam can still handle it. In addition, there are also various interesting features provided in it.

For example, there are features like Photo Sphere and Lens Blur. Other things are quite interesting. Every time you take a video, you can adjust the quality of the video to be taken first.

On the rear camera Gcam Apk is even capable of recording UHD 4K, HD1080p, and HD 720p videos. As for the front camera, which has HD480p, 720P, and of course 1080p specifications.

This is one of the reasons that many Gcam users use it. In addition to having quite complete features, everyone who wants to make videos can adjust the resulting resolution.

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Features Of Gcam Apk

In addition to the reasons above, the strongest reason is, of course, the features provided. Gcam Apk provides quite a lot of advanced features, there are even some features that are not owned by ordinary cameras.

Well, if you want to know what features are provided in Gcam, our review in this section might be quite helpful:

1. Motion Photos

The first feature that is indeed a mainstay of Gcam Apk, is Motion Photos. In this feature, Google Camera allows each user to take a large number of photos at once.

Later, the photos taken, are immediately converted into GIF format. This feature is quite widely used because its use is very easy. Especially for those of you who want to make GIFs.

Usually, GIF creation takes a long time. The process is also a little complicated. It’s different if you use Motion Photos in Gcam. Making GIFs just got easier.

2. HDR and HDR+ Enhanced

The next feature owned by Gcam Apk is HDR and HDR+ Enhanced. In this feature, Google wants a camera that can produce photos like the results of a professional photographer.

With this feature, usually, every user can get photos with accurate colors and much more detail than ordinary photos. Therefore, it is not surprising that currently, many people want to download Google Camera.

3. Slow Motion

Well, other features are provided and can be used in Google Camera. One of its features is Slow Motion. In this feature, you can create a slower video effect.

In other words, the slow-motion feature can adjust the Frame Per Second (FPS) of the video being captured. Interestingly, you can also add audio to the Slow Motion video that is made. Interesting right?

4. Many Additional Effects

Not only the Slow Motion effect. It can be said that in this Google Camera application, many additional effects are no less cool. For example, there are the following effects:

  • Camera blur effect.
  • Wide-angle
  • Photosphere
  • Portrait

5. Top Shot

The next feature provided in Google Camera is Top Shot. In this feature, you can take 10 shots at a time and with one tap. This feature is very useful for getting interesting photo moments.

Not enough on these five features alone. There are still many other features provided in the Google Camera application. For example:

  • Night Sight
  • Super Res Zoom
  • Astrophotography
  • And many more.

Download Gcam Apk

Well, if you are interested in using Gcam Apk, of course, the next step is to download the camera application first. You can only get it via the link we shared.

Therefore, to make it easier for you to get the application, you can directly click on the link that we will share. When you click the link, you can immediately start the process of downloading this one camera application:

App name Gcam Apk
Size 200 MB
Version 8.4
Download Here

After you click the link that we share, the Gcam download process will run automatically. Later, you just need to wait for your Gcam to finish the download process.

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During the installation process, Gcam Apk is finished, then you can immediately use it. You can already enjoy the various features that have been provided in Gcam.

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