MLive Mod Apk Download All Rooms Unlocked Free Latest Version 2022

One of the benefits of the application is that it can provide entertainment to its users. The reason is, there are lots of live streaming applications that can be used to get entertainment that is not boring. Application Mlive mod apk streaming is the choice of some users, with this application you can get acquainted with beautiful hosts and so on.

Like the MLive Mod Apk, which is still being targeted by users today. The reason is, by using the mod version of mlive, you can get lots of advantages in it and have opened a locked room for you to use for free. How to use this mod version of mlive is very easy and simple. You can do it quickly and can get entertainment that is not boring.

When compared to the original version, MLive Mod APK is more targeted by users. You can get various benefits in just one application. And interestingly, live broadcast applications like this are also used as a place to find a mate. Who knows you are lucky and can get a partner through this application. If interested, please see the explanation below.

What is MLive Mod Apk

MLive Mod Apk is a live broadcast application made by a third party and has embedded various interesting features in it. You can use all the features above for free without subscribing again. And one of the advantages that you can’t get in the original version is Unlock All Rooms without paying first.

This is very interesting for you to try if you are reluctant to top up and so on, and interestingly, users can use all the VIP features that have been provided for free. And by using this mlive mod, there are lots of cool prizes that can be exchanged for real money. Therefore, if you are interested, please refer to the explanation as follows.

MLive Mod Apk Features

There are so many interesting features that you can get in the live streaming application, you can use them freely according to your individual needs. Especially if you can use all the features provided for free without subscribing first. Therefore, please know what feature sets are in the mod version of mlive as follows.

Unlock All VIP

By using this mod version of the mlive application, you can use all premium access in it for free because you have unlocked all the VIP features for you to access for free. Therefore, this advantage is not easy for you to find in the original version, where you have to pay first to enjoy all these premium features.

Unlock All Room

And another cool feature that you can get is that you have opened all the rooms that have been provided for free. You can enter all rooms freely, if in the original version to use all locked rooms. Subscription is required in advance and must spend some money.

Host Choice

In this MLive Mod APK you can watch or join all the beautiful streamers from all over the country. For example, Thailand, China, Indonesia, and many others. You can determine it freely, and make your activities not boring later.

Attractive Gifts

And the advantage of using this live broadcast application is that you can get many attractive prizes from streaming results and so on. You can collect as many prizes as possible, and later you can exchange them for cash. Therefore, you should not just miss it.

VJ Professional

The next feature is Professional VJ which is especially shown to streamers. Therefore, with this feature, the streaming title is even higher than before and makes the live streaming you do more crowded and not boring.

No Ads

Of course, you can access this mod version of mlive without annoying ads. The presence of advertisements makes anyone disturbed and uncomfortable. But, there’s no need to worry because the developer has removed all ads in the application for you to use comfortably.

Interesting Events

There are so many interesting events in this live streaming application, you can follow them for free so you can get attractive prizes such as cash and other prizes. Therefore, mlive includes a complete package that offers many advantages in it.

Chat Features

The developer also provides lots of cool features that can be used, such as sending messages to streamers and interestingly, you can send special or private chats to them to get to know each other.

Live Together

And interestingly, users can live stream together like with friends, best friends and famous hosts. Therefore, you can add excitement when using the live streaming application. Therefore, if you are interested, please download the application directly below.

Download the Latest MLive Mod Apk 2022

After you know many reviews about the live streaming application, maybe some of you feel interested and want to use it directly. For those of you who want to try using the mod version of the mlive application, then we will provide the download link so you can get it for free.

Find many advantages in it, and for those of you who want to get entertainment this application is very effective for you to try. Therefore, if you are interested, please see the explanation below.

Name MLive Mod Apk
Size 80 MB
Version Latest
Operating system 4.4 and higher

How To Install MLive Mod Apk

There are so many advantages that you can find in the live streaming application, maybe you are still wondering how to install the mod version of mlive. The method is very easy and simple, for those of you who are still confused, please see the full explanation below.

  1. First of all, please download MLive Mod APK first
  2. After that, open Settings on each cellphone
  3. Select Security & Privacy option >> Enable unknown sources
  4. Next, go to the storage file and find the downloaded APK file earlier
  5. If you have found it, please click install
  6. And wait a while until the process is complete
  7. Done

Follow all the application installation processes above, if it is successfully installed you can already use the mod version of mlive and use all the interesting features in it for you to use for free. Get a variety of interesting entertainment only on the smartphone device that you use.

How To Login on MLive Apk

Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know how to log into the mod version of mlive. The method is very easy and simple, so please follow some of the explanations that we will provide below.

  1. First, open the mlive application mod APK version on the cellphone that you are using
  2. After that, in the initial menu please click Login or Register
  3. There are so many choices for registering accounts, such as using Facebook, Gmail, cellphone numbers and so on
  4. We recommend that you choose to login using Facebook
  5. After that, you have successfully created an account and entered the application
  6. Determine which streamer to watch later
  7. Please edit profile in settings
  8. If you want to do live streaming, click menu + plus icon
  9. Done

Can MLive Mod Apk Unlock Rooms?

Until now, many users have questioned whether this live streaming application can actually open a room or a locked one. The reason is, you can try it yourself to prove the truth.

And if you can’t use the unlock all room feature, then most likely the application developer has fixed the bug in it. Therefore, you should continue to monitor the latest information from us.


Maybe that’s all we can say about Mlive Mod APK for you to use freely, please download and install the application directly in this article to be able to access it now. Get a variety of interesting features in it, and hopefully this article is useful for all. That is all and thank you.

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