Dream League Soccer 2022 Mod Apk + OBB Unlimited Money and Diamond

DLS 2022 Mod Apk is a game that has been modified by a third party from the original game, DLS 2022.

In this modified version of the dream league soccer game, it offers various excellent features that are not in the original version. So here’s the review.

Football is one of the most popular sports for netizens. In the midst of their busy activities, both work and so on.

They will take time to play football with friends and other relatives. However, not everyone can spare this precious time, therefore the only way is to play football through games.

It’s true that there are many football games that you can play, and get them for free for you to install on your smartphone.

And keep in mind, if there is one of the phenomenal games that many users play is DLS 2022 Apk.

This game is back with their latest version which was just released this year. Lots of people are interested and want to play it right away.

However, what we will discuss is the DLS 2022 Mod Apk. Just like other mod games, you can find many superior and advanced features that you can use to play the game later.

All the features provided are not easy for you to find in the original version. Instead of being curious, you should check out the DLS 2022 Mod Apk which we will explain as follows.

About DLS 2022 Mod Apk

Dream League Soccer is the most popular soccer game played by many players.

For those of you who like soccer, this game is perfect for you to play.

There’s a lot of fun that you can get in it, and recently DLS has returned to present their latest version, DLS 2022.

Lots of football game lovers are looking for this DLS 22, and you can download it for free via Google Playstore.

However, what is being discussed by netizens is the DLS 2022 Mod Apk which is a modified version.

This mod version offers more advanced features for you to use for free.

Of course, that way you can more easily play this DLS 22 game with friends and others.

Please note, if you update this time you can get many advantages and it is quite different from the previous version.

Therefore, if you want to know more details about this interesting game, please refer to the explanation as follows.

DLS 22 Mod Apk Features

When compared to the original version, this dls 22 mod version provides a lot of more features and you can access it for free.

Of course, with this mod feature you can more easily play the football game.

Especially if the graphic display presented is very realistic and you can enjoy it. Please refer to the explanation below regarding the DLS 2022 Mod as follows.

Unlimited Money, Coin

Money is one of the means of payment that you can use to buy all the items in this Dream League Soccer Mod game.

You can buy all the game needs for free and easily, and don’t worry about running out of money because the money provided is unlimited.

In addition, you can also get unlimited coins which can also be used to buy the needs you want to make it easier to play the game later.

Of course, this feature is very difficult for you to get in the original version. What are you waiting for, make sure you download the game right now.


For you football game lovers, don’t doubt the gameplay in this game, because DLS 22 is able to provide an amazing gaming experience.

In addition, in this game you can customize your players for the latest season and set with the FIFA-based Team Club Lineup Pattern.

Licensed Logo

And what’s even more interesting, if this game offers a lot of players up to 4000 players that you can choose as you wish.

Of course the players have been licensed for FIFpro TM in the 2022/2023 season and make it easy for you to create your own team as you wish.

Graphic Display

Dream League Soccer Mod offers a very stunning graphic display and is the most prominent in this game.

The reason is, the graphics presented are quite different from the previous version. So that you can be more comfortable when playing the football game.

The reason is, the graphical display in DLS 22 is almost similar to the graphics on the Playstation or console devices which are very popular now.

In addition, the effects of physical movements are very realistic so you can get more fun from this game.

Custom Kits

This feature allows you to design and channel your creativity easily. You can try to make team jerseys and logos freely.

If you’re still having trouble, then a custom kit is ready to help you come up with an amazing design.

Real-time Commentary

Another advantage that you can get in DLS mod 22 is that it is equipped with commentary features like football matches in general.

Of course, with this feature, you will be even more excited to play DLS games with friends. In addition, it allows you to become a real football star.

Team Management

And more interestingly, this game has a team management feature. So, you don’t just rely on your abilities.

But you can hone your skills to design your own stadium easily. There are lots of facilities that can be used to make it easier for you later.

Dream Live

Please note that this feature is useful for you to try to open a live broadcast and compete with all football players from around the world.

In addition, you can also easily show off your skills to them and prove that you can be the best in the DLS 22 game.

There are many other features that you can get in this game for you to use for free.

All of the above features are not easy for you to find in the original version, and are perfect for filling your free time everyday. And if you want to try playing this DLS 2022 Mod, please refer to the explanation as follows.

Download DLS 2022 Mod Apk

You can get the original version of Dream League Soccer 22 for free on Google Playstore and install as usual. However, the original version will only limit some features and is not complete.

It’s different if you use the DLS 2022 Mod APK which is made by a third party and has embedded various advanced features for you to use to play games later.

We will share the download link for Dream League Soccer 2022 mod version which is the latest version and you can download it for free.

Enjoy all the mod features that have been provided for free to make it easier for you to play the football game. Just press the download button below.

Apk Name Dream League Soccer 2022 ( DLS 22 ) Mod Apk
Version Latest
Size 400 MB
Developer First Touch Games LTD

Dream League Soccer 2022 Mod Apk


DLS 22 Mod Apk


How To Install Dream League Soccer 2022 Mod Apk

If it is successfully downloaded, then the next process is the installation stage. Maybe you are still confused about how to easily install this game, and to find out more details, see the full tutorial below.

  1. First, please download DLS 22 Apk, Obb & Data from the link above.
  2. Then also install the ZArchiver application from Playstore.
  3. Then also install the DLS 22 APK
  4. After that, please extract the Zip and OBB data using the ZArchiver application.
  5. Then copy Data & Obb to folder Android/data or Android/Obb.
  6. Done

It’s not very easy to be able to install this game on your smartphone. If the process is successful, of course you can already play Dream league soccer mod apk version.

And use all the interesting features that are available in it for free. Don’t forget to invite friends, so they can play the DLS 22 game together.


That’s the explanation about the DLS 2022 Mod Apk Unlimited Money that you can use, please download and install the game directly so you can feel the excitement of the game with friends and others. Enjoy all the features that have been provided for free. Hopefully useful, thank you so much.

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