DSCO, VSCO’s Looping Video, Now Available on Android

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The famous photo and video editor VSCO finally brings its DSCO camera with which to create looping videos, similar to boomerang. It is available with a new option within the camera, in the application itself. And only for those who are subscribed to the service premium by VSCO.

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VSCO started out as an application with which to apply professional filters to photography, first on iOS and then on Android. The app was mutating into a social photography application while changing the purchase of the different filter packages for a subscription. And it also allowed to edit video; with its own options, such as DSCO, a small video that plays in a loop. Exclusive to iOS, said DSCO is now on Android.


VSCO Camera on Android Adds DSCO Capture


With so many acronyms it is logical to get lost, not in vain the platform has grown in functionalities keeping its identity alive. VSCO still allows photo editing apart from applying filters, the same goes for video. And what’s new in Android is direct capture of small video fragments in a loop.

As soon as you open the VSCO app after the last update, and as long as the account has a subscription premium, the news appears: DSCO is now available on Android. To make use of this type of capture, you must do the following:

  • Open the VSCO camera by clicking on the ‘+’ in the lower menu and then clicking on the camera icon.
  • You’ll see more options appear at the bottom of the camera: Photo, DSCO y Video. Click on the second.
  • Hold down the shutter button until you capture the footage you need.
  • VSCO will allow you to edit the recorded fragment, although without too many options: you can apply any of the supported filters (lower part) and deactivate the audio (icon in the upper right corner of the screen).
  • Save the created DSCO with the lower ‘Save’ icon. You can also share it directly on your VSCO profile as well as on Instagram (wall and Story), Facebook (Story), WhatsApp or Snapchat, among other options.
  • If you save the DSCO you can edit it with the DSCO video editor, which has a multitude of options apart from different effects.

DSCO is nothing more than a boomerang of up to 10 seconds with a gif look with missing frames and without the inverted video. Even so, you are curious, especially with the video editing options that VSCO provides. If you subscribed to the platform, and did not have an iPhone, from now on you can record those short videos directly on your Android.



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