EA Hackers spent only 10$ to hack into EA servers

EA Hackers spent only 10$ to hack into EA servers

A spokesman for a group of hackers who hacked into Electronic Arts said how easily they managed it. Information about the cybercriminals’ comments appeared on the Vice website.

One of the hackers spoke to a Motherboard journalist via an anonymous online chat. According to him, it turned out to be very easy to get access to such a huge corporation. First, the attackers bought a small archive of cookee files that were sold on the Internet for only $ 10. With the purchased cookee, hackers logged into Electronic Arts’ corporate chat – cookies, among other things, can save authorization data so that the user does not enter a password each time the browser is opened.

EA Hackers spent only 10$ to hack into EA servers

Once in the chat under the name of the employee whose cookee had been leaked, the hackers wrote to the EA support guys that they needed re-access to the corporate server, since they (that is, the allegedly compromised employee) had lost their phone at a party. They were immediately granted access, after which the attackers entered the company’s network, created a virtual machine that helped them navigate, and ultimately stole about 780GB of data. The stolen archive also includes the source code used in many of Electronic Arts’ current games.

Analysts predict big problems for the company because of this hack, because the stolen code can be used both to create exploits and cheats, and to copy and paste the game by unscrupulous competitors. EA Games itself has already admitted the fact of the attack and data theft, but claims that this will not cause any sensitive damage to the company.

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