Elon Musk’s Facebook Fanpage Turns Out to be Fake

Elon Musk’s fan page with 154,000 followers on Facebook turned out to be fake, and has been verified by Facebook. The official page representing Tesla Technoking violated Facebook’s rules, by impersonating Elon Musk, but some time after this article was published, the page became inaccessible.

The creator of the fanpage seems right to be Elon Musk, because it openly states that it is a fan page in the About section.

“Musk owns the Tesla Roadster 0001 (first product) from Tesla Motors, a company in which he was an early investor. The Roadster is a battery electric sports car with a range of 220 miles. This is a fanpage, uploading tweets and more from him (Elon Musk),” the fanpage wrote.

The fanpage contains 10 posts listed, with the most recent date posted on October 22, 2021. With a notice that the page has updated its profile picture to one featuring Musk, and the other appearing to be a repost of the latest tweet.

The page has been revealed not to be a fan page for Elon Musk. Because the page’s transparency tab that shows some of the history of the page, who is managing it, and whether the page is running ads says that the page was created on July 28, 2019 with the account owner “Kizito Gavin,” which is the opposite name for football. player Gavin Kizito.

elon musk history page

A search of The Verge found that, the page changed its name six times, all in 2021, last changing to Elon Musk twice on October 17. The Page Transparency section also said that the person managing the page was based in Egypt. Elon Musk lives in Texas.

It should also be noted that the page URL truncates the end of the word “official” https://www.facebook.com/ElonMuskoffici. Which shows it’s not very official. And if you click on the URL you can no longer be accessed because of Facebook.

Because to be verified on Facebook, you must fill out a form that requires, among other things, the sender to share an official identity in the form of a driver’s license, passport, ID card, tax report, recent utility bill, or incorporation article.

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