Enhanced, Aruba ESP Now Provides Security From Edge To Cloud

Enhanced, Aruba ESP Now Provides Security From Edge To Cloud

Panel discussion in the Aruba Atmosphere 2021 Media Briefing which among others discussed improvements on Aruba ESP.

A year after Aruba Edge Services Platform or Aruba ESP released, Aruba presents an increase in the form of security from edge to cloud (edge-to-cloud) on these network solutions.

These improvements include:

Integrasi platform secure network access control ClearPass Policy Manager dengan platform edge Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN, formerly Silver Peak.

Integration Aruba Threat Defense dengan platform EdgeConnect.

Expansion of the multi-vendor security partner ecosystem Aruba ESP, so that enterprise customers have the freedom to choose and run the best security components of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) based cloud.

Adoption based services cloud steadily increasing as “work anywhere” became the new normal. According to Aruba, this change makes conventional data centers and networks based on MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and VPNs must immediately switch to the SASE architecture. cloud-native. The SASE architecture performs dynamic provisioning of network services while providing comprehensive data protection.

On the other hand, digital transformation significantly increases the number of IoT devices connected to the network. This trend is sparking new challenges that cannot be solved by security based in cloud only. Because IoT devices are agentless, the IT division cannot install a security client or direct device traffic to security services cloud. As a result, Zero Trust security must be implemented on the spot edge WAN (wide area network).

According to Aruba, the company needs edge in the WAN to combine security on premise and on cloud. Thus, SASE can protect users connected to SaaS and public platforms cloud, while protecting IoT devices requiring Zero Trust identity-based security. This integration allows enterprise customers to enforce a granular-level, identity-based security policy of edge to cloud to connect and protect users and devices.

“When companies switch to Zero Trust and SASE architectures, they will implement the multi-vendor security services provided cloud, and not all SASE components have to come from a single vendor. Approach Aruba provides a balance between presenting the security function in edge WAN and free up customers to choose to integrate security services cloud from partners such as Zscaler, Netskope, and Check Point. This multi-vendor partnership strategy provides flexibility for companies to continue working with existing vendors or switch to best-in-class systems, ”Chris DePuy, founder and technology analyst, 650 Group commented on expanding the partnership. Aruba

ClearPass Policy Manager integration and Aruba EdgeConnect

ClearPass Policy Manager integration with the platform edge for SD-WAN Aruba EdgeConnect makes applications smarter by adding information about user identities, IoT devices, roles, and security postures to form the basis of SASE WAN. edge. The combination of role and security posture intelligence with dynamic segmentation capabilities eliminates the complexity of implementing hundreds of VLANs for each class of users and devices. This will simplify network administration and management.

Integration Aruba Threat Defense dan Aruba EdgeConnect

Integration Aruba Threat Defense dengan platform edge SD-WAN, Aruba EdgeConnect, will extend the range of intrusion detection and prevention (IDS / IPS) capabilities to physical and virtual EdgeConnect devices.

Thus, the EdgeConnect platform can take advantage of the infrastructure Aruba Threat, share dangerous threat information between Aruba Central and EdgeConnect so there is great visibility across the network. With this unified threat management (UTM) capability, companies can enjoy comprehensive lateral security as well as secure local internet lines from their branch locations. This UTM can even be set centrally on premise or on cloud.

Take advantage of the same threat and threat feed infrastructure Aruba ESP, network and security managers can implement and implement threat management policies centrally throughout the company.

Freedom to Choose Multi Vendors in the Partner Ecosystem

When switching to Zero Trust and SASE architectures, companies will consider security services cloud from multi vendors. According to a recent survey from the Ponemon Institute, more than 70% of respondents would choose a security solution cloud best-in-class or ‘best-of-breed’ rather than an all-in-one approach, in order to enjoy the comprehensive Zero Trust and SASE infrastructure.

This update is called Aruba will help the company accelerate its digital transformation journey from edge to cloud.


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