Entering the Virtual World Era, Apple is Predicted to Stop iPhone Production by 2032

Entering the Virtual World Era, Apple is Predicted to Stop iPhone Production by 2032

Apple predicted to no longer produce iPhone in 2032 or the next 10 years. iPhone will be replaced by augmented reality (AR) based devices, as it develops virtual world alias metaverse.

Apple TF International Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo said Apple’s AR headset will come with Mac-level computing power by the end of next year. He believes that in the end this gadget will replace the iPhone.

“Apple’s goal is to replace iPhones with AR in the next 10 years,” Kuo said. He estimates Apple’s AR headset demand will exceed one billion in ten years.

AR headsets will be able to operate independently of Mac, PC or iPhone. This device will also support a comprehensive range of applications.

“If AR headsets are positioned solely as accessories for Macs or iPhones, it will not be conducive to product growth. AR headset that works independently means it will have its own ecosystem and provide the most complete and flexible user experience,” he said.

He also stated that the AR headset will have two processors, one similar to the M1 for Mac and the other targeting the lower-end segment. In addition, it has two Sony 4K micro OLED displays and may support use virtual reality (VR).

However The Information previously reported that Apple’s AR headset would rely on either a MacBook Pro or an iPhone.

Kuo said that Apple’s entry into the AR and VR business has changed the market consensus. This shows that the two technologies are no longer just a device for playing games.

“Apple will bring the next wave of user interface revolution,” Kuo said Business Insider, three weeks ago (1/11).

AR and VR business potential is also considered large. Based on Statista data, the global AR, VR, and Mixed Reality (MR) market is estimated at US$ 30.7 billion or Rp 427 trillion this year. The figure will continue to increase to US$ 300 billion or Rp 4,277 trillion in 2024.

Apple Competitor, Facebook Inc. even officially changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc., because it wanted a metaverse company. This Instagram parent will build a virtual world using a variety of AR and VR-based devices.

“Metaverse is the next frontier,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a presentation at the virtual Facebook Connect conference Bloomberg, last month (29/10).

Zuckerberg targets Facebook to turn into a metaverse company within five years. “We’re basically moving from Facebook as a social media company to being the first ‘metaverse’ company,” he said.

One of the metaverse applications that will be developed by Facebook is a 3D or three-dimensional concert. “You feel present with other people, as if you are somewhere else. Have different experiences that can’t be done in 2D apps or web pages, like dancing or various sports,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook is also working on an ‘unlimited office’ platform via VR. “Instead of a phone call, you’ll be able to sit as a hologram on my couch, or vice versa,” he said.

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