Essential Phone Makers are making a new unusual smartphone

Essential Phone Makers are making a new unusual smartphone

Osom OV1 (Vault 1)  is being developed by Osom Products, which was founded last year by ex-Essential Products employee Jason Keats. Its headquarters are located in Quebec (Canada).

In addition to Keats, Osom Products employs other ex-Essential Products employees with the exception of that company’s founder and Android developer Andy Rubin.

Keats said the Osom OV1 will not inherit the Essential PH-1, Essential Products’ first and only smartphone. The new smartphone is focused on privacy and data security and, in particular, will allow the user to find out what information is being transferred to a particular application, which is not the case with other Android smartphones.

Osom OV1

The Osom OV1 is a bit like the Essential PH-1. It has the same relatively miniature body by modern standards, a dual camera and a fingerprint scanner on the back. It is known to use a Qualcomm processor (the exact model is not reported) and is installed almost pure Android with built-in Google services. The full announcement of this smartphone will take place in February at the MWC in Barcelona, ​​and it will be on sale by next summer.

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