EU plans to make USB-C charging port mandatory in smartphones and other gadgets

EU plans to make USB-C charging port mandatory in smartphones and other gadgets

The European Union will issue a regulation that mobile phones, tablets and headphones must use a USB Type C port.

This rule was put forward by the European Commission, quoted by Reuters on Thursday, that the USB-C connector will become standard for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and video game consoles.

According to the rules, the charger must be sold separately from the device.

The EU executive will revise the green design rules in time so that the charging device can be used for all devices.

Europe has been drafting this rule for 10 years for environmental reasons and cost savings. Mobile users in the region saved $293 million a year.

The European Commission denied they were targeting Apple through this rule. The rule was delayed by 10 years because the companies had not yet agreed on a joint solution.

This rule regarding chargers can reduce charging devices from 30 to 3.

This rule proposal must be approved by EU member states, EU policy makers before it can take effect.

Companies are given two years to adopt this rule.

Apple rejected the rule, saying it hindered innovation.

“We are concerned that stringent regulations requiring one type of connector stifle innovation rather than support it, which will harm consumers in Europe and around the world,” Apple said in a statement.

The head of industry at the European Commission, Thierry Breton, called Apple’s rebuttal an “old song”.

“I’ve known these companies for years. Every time we made a proposal they would say ‘oh, this is hindering innovation’. No, it’s not against innovation, it’s not against anyone. consumers,” said Breton.

Mobile phone users both Android and iPhone spend they have to use a different charger for each phone. Android phones generally use a USB-C connector, while iPhones use a dedicated Lightning cable.

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