Facebook plans to release the first smartwatch. Can be connected to VR

Facebook plans to release the first smartwatch. Can be connected to VR

The World Intellectual Property Organization has issued a patent for a smart watch from Meta Corporation, formerly known as Facebook. The documents show the design of two smartwatches.

The form factor of the display is supposedly round and square. The screens are interchangeable, their design is attached to the watch with magnets. The device is equipped with camera modules with three lenses: a macro lens, a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens.



The Meta will include a second display of the same shape, and will be interchangeable with the main one. As shown in the image, the screen can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise. This is required to select a camera. The desired lens should be transferred to the number 12, after which the rest will become inactive.


It is possible that smart watches can work with virtual and augmented reality systems. How exactly the function will be implemented is currently unknown. Perhaps the device will be used as an input method, in conjunction with a virtual reality helmet. Smart watches will have a heart rate sensor, movement, body temperature measurements. As well as activity recognition and an infrared sensor.

Meta plans to launch the smartwatch this summer in three color options – black, white and gold. Production material – stainless steel.

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