Facebook released ‘Soundmoji’ on Messenger App

Facebook released 'Soundmoji' on Messenger App

Facebook announced a new feature for more diverse communication in its proprietary Messenger. This was reported by the resource Hypebeast with reference to the official statement of Facebook.

Facebook released 'Soundmoji' on Messenger App

The new feature is called Soundmoji. In Russian it can be called as “soundmoji” or “audiomoji”. The essence of this function is that when chatting in Facebook Messenger, you can now use a prepared base with short sounds. Among them are the sound of a cricket, drumming, applause and ominous laughter. In addition, the Facebook team invited several famous artists to record short lines, and the database also contains phrases from famous TV shows. Quoting from the official Facebook press release:

“We are launching an entire Soundmoji library of your choice, which we will regularly update with new sound effects and famous sound bites. Each sound is represented by an emoji, keeping the visual emoji we all love in-game while adding sound to the mix at the same time. The best of both worlds!

Since July 17th is considered international emoji day around the world, the company decided to release “audio moji” on that very day. You probably won’t need to update the app – at least Facebook doesn’t say anything about it. After July 17, you will need to go to Messenger, start any chat, click on the emoji button and select the “Dynamics” icon.

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