Facebook Will No Longer Allow Advertisers to Target Underage Users

Facebook Will No Longer Allow Advertisers to Target Underage Users

Facebook announced that it will no longer allow advertisers to serve advertising information to children under the age of 18 or their activity on other websites.

This policy may come after Instagram said it planned to develop a new version of the service for children under the age of 13. But then, attorney general from 44 states and territories in the United States urged Facebook to cancel the plan.

Since then, Facebook’s attitude and way of treating young users has attracted a lot of attention. Facebook today stated that the idea of ​​providing a dedicated app for teens was to provide parents with greater transparency.

They also want parents to be able to control the behavior of small children who want to access Instagram. In fact, several major social media companies have launched versions of the app for a younger audience.

because those who support the service are of the view that children are already on the same platform, so the family-friendly version provides a safer environment.

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But critics say Facebook should not try to attract young children to their service. Many believe that children’s development, their mental health and their privacy will be threatened in the digital space.

As an illustration, children are vulnerable to cyber bullying from their older peers or even their peers. Indeed the issue of social media for children remains a very controversial topic. In fact, many parents are not ready to go further on this subject.

To be sure there are many considerations for this, especially children who are not old enough to be easily influenced.

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