Factor Launcher, a minimalist interface for those who miss Windows Phone

Factor Launcher A Minimalist Interface For Those Who Miss Windows.jpg

A new launcher begins its journey as early access: Factor Launcher is now available on the Google Play Store. Of course, the aesthetics is not exactly new since it makes use of the tiles of Windows Phone; while maintaining a minimalist design and away from superfluous options.

Factor Launcher A Minimalist Interface For Those Who Miss Windows.jpg

Los launchers They are a type of Android application that not only offers high customization capacity, they also use include tools that enhance the use of the device. Interfaces with memory, battery management tools or launchers that offer access to hidden parts of the system are not uncommon. And then there are the apps that flee from the superfluous to exclusively facilitate the launch of apps. Factor Launcher is one of these.


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Factor Launcher

Just look at the appearance of the interface and the design awakens similarities to Windows computers. And it is not surprising since Factor Launcher is based on Modern UI, the evolution of the Metro interface that brought Windows Phone to life and that ended up inheriting both Windows for mobile phones and computers.

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Minimalism runs wild by Factor Launcher: the base of the application is offer the most important accesses on the front page, all with tiles of three sizes: square (1: 1), rectangular (2: 1) and double rectangular (2: 2). Simply select which app to move to the desktop from the list on the right so that access is anchored to the main desktop.

Factor Launcher

Factor Launcher offers direct access to apps and also notifications. Both in the form of a balloon (with counter) and showing the text of the warnings if the tile is rectangular. What do you like to see what happens at a glance in your important apps? Create rectangular tiles and you will be able to read their notices without entering the applications.

Factor Launcher is an application that is currently in beta, this is a detail to take into account. Under our tests it works correctly, although we would like it to include some function that seems basic to us; like creating folders and miniature tiles (to make a 1: 1 tile with four shortcuts, for example). Possibilities will surely be added in future updates.

Factor Launcher

It is not the first launcher to look like Windows Phone, surely not the last. Still, it offers more than enough service without including any ads or in-app purchases. What’s more, Launcher factor is very light: 1.8 MB download and about 11 MB once installed on the phone.


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