Finance Calculator Pro Mod Apk v1.03

Finance Calculator App is free, offline, easy, fast and very useful for home buyers, property consultants, property agents, loan agents, banking professionals, vehicle shop owners, financial consultants, financial counselors etc.

Finance Calculator App is the advanced Financial Tool that is useful for day to day life with all useful features. This finance calculation tool helps the user to quickly calculate EMI Calculator, Mortgage/Home, Sip Calculator, Simple loan, Compound loan, Car loan, Advance loan and view payment amortization schedule ( Table ). Its also calculate monthly payment, total payment and total interest paid. All calculated results and amortization table can easily print and save as a pdf file.

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General Finance Include – Calculation of simple loan payment, advance loan payment, EMI calculation, mortgage, compound interest, effective interest rate, salary income tax, simple interest, future value, present value, property tax, annuity payment (PV ), annuity payment (FV), sales tax and wealth tax, 401k retirement, sip calculator, loan comparison, fuel consumption, fixed deposit, per capita income, pension calculator, credit card interest, GDP Calculator, GDP growth, tip calculator, hourly paycheck , cd interest and percentage calculator.

Banking Finance Include – Calculation of payment on balloon loan, annual percentage yield, compound interest, debt to income ratio, loan to deposit ratio, net interest income, loan balloon balance, net interest margin, net spread margin and loan payment.

Corporate Finance Include – Calculation of asset to sale ratio, average collection period, debt coverage ratio, free cash flow to equity, profitability index, return on investment, debt ratio, retention ratio and gross profit margin.

Financial Market Include – Calculation of interest rate parity, rate of inflation and real rate of return.

Stock Bound Include – Calculation of Bond equivalent yield, total stock return, bid ask spread, book value per share, capital asset pricing model, capital gain yield, diluted earning per share, equity multiplier, zero coupon bond yield, net asset value and price to earning ratio.

Loan Calculator
EMI Calculator
SIP Calculator
Sales Tax Calculator
Mortgage/Home loan Calculator
Auto/Car Loan Calculator
Wealth Tax Calculator
Property Tax Calculator
Salary Income Tax Calculator
Annuity Payment Calculator
Balloon Loan Calculator
Return on Investment Calculator
Rate of Inflation Calculator
CAPM Calculator
Fuel consumption calculator
Tip calculator
Discount calculator
Percentage calculator
Pension calculator
GDP calculator
GDP growth calculator
401k/Retirement calculator.

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