Finman’s Freedom Phone is just a cheap phone from China

Finman's Freedom Phone is just a cheap phone from China

This should be the perfect smartphone for Donald Trump supporters. As it turns out now, the so-called Freedom phones are very cheap phones that are manufactured in China.

Freedom phone: cheap phones from China

With Freedom phone Trump supporter and businessman Eric Feynman has introduced a supposedly “special” smartphone, explicitly aimed at America’s most patriotic people. However, as it turned out, the phone was not made in Hong Kong with the advertised “very safe” components, but rather came from China.

This is also not an internal development, because a smartphone Turns out it’s the Umidigi A9 Pro. Meanwhile, Finman also confirmed that Umidigi is the actual manufacturer. This phone is available in Chinese online stores for the equivalent price of 120 USD. On the other hand, Trump fans will be offered a smartphone upfront for $500.

Finman promises one as a unique selling point Uncensored App Store where among other things The far right user of the popular QAnon Parler app can be found. Also, all apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store must be available. On closer inspection, it turns out that the “PatriApp Store” is none other than the Aurora Store which has been covered with a new skin (Source: Daily monsters).

Call of freedom without freedom

Despite the name, the phone does not offer more or less freedom than other smartphones. Also, FreedomOS is not an in-house development, but an open source variant of Android supposedly based on Lineage OS and GrapheneOS.

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