Fix slow iPhone by changing region to France

Fix slow iPhone by changing region to France

Changing the region to France in the iPhone or iPad settings does not significantly speed up the device’s performance – and sometimes it does nothing at all. This was reported in the Chinese edition of Mydrivers.

Earlier, the network spread amazing news – it turns out that you can allegedly give your iPhone a second youth by simply changing the region to French in the settings. This was justified by the fact that in France Apple was fined a tidy sum for slowing down old devices, after which the company chose not to do it exclusively for the French. However, in reality, everything turned out to be not so rosy.

The Asian resource Mydrivers conducted several tests to determine whether it is really possible to significantly speed up your device in such an elementary way. The results are discouraging and lead to several conclusions.

  • First, the change in the region does not give a significant increase. The maximum increase in power, which we managed to fix, was at the level of 10% – and it turned out to be noticed only in benchmarks.
  • Secondly, the change of the region does not affect the speed of animations, the opening of applications and the general operation of the system, since it all depends more on the speed of the RAM and built-in memory, and not on the processor (the frequency of which supposedly ceases to be underestimated when the region is changed). That is, in everyday life it is either very difficult or impossible to get a profit from “relocation to France”.
  • Thirdly, it was possible to “catch” the changes only on a small percentage of devices. Most likely, in their case, several factors coincided: the battery was worn out more than others, during a reboot (which accompanies the change of region) the cache and RAM were cleaned, and the device owner had a self-hypnosis effect, which strengthened in his eyes those few percent of the temporary performance gain. It seems that the French region, as such, has nothing to do with it.

The bottom line, we can say that changing the region to France will help speed up only a small number of iPhones and iPads, and this will happen only by a few percent and for a short time. By the way, some Russian IT bloggers conducted similar tests and came to similar conclusions.

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