Following in Apple’s footsteps, Google will provide an option to Turn Off Ad Tracking

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Google is following Apple’s lead to be more aggressive with advertisers. Which Apple has previously made significant changes by requiring app developers to explicitly request permission to track user information for personalized advertising.

Apple’s changes are intended to provide more privacy and transparency to its customers when it comes to data collection.

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Google has confirmed that it will also make changes for Android users to opt out of ad tracking, but not in the same explicit way that Apple did. Starting with Android 12, developers will no longer have access to users’ Advertising IDs.

Currently, Android phones have the option to opt out of ad personalization and this can be found in Settings > Google > Ads. However, the app may request the Advertising ID, bypassing the user’s options as it is used for other analytical purposes.

With the new Android 12 changes, Google will offer an alternative method for analytics and fraud prevention that doesn’t use Advertising ID and apps won’t be able to collect identifiers if the user has opted out.

Google mentions in the policy update that it will affect apps running on Android 12 devices. This starts from late 2021 and will expand to apps running on Google Play-enabled devices early next year.

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This is not the first time that Google has been more assertive about privacy. Some time ago, the search engine giant also ended support for third-party cookies in its Chrome browser service for two years.

This change to the personalized advertising policy follows in Apple’s footsteps. iOS device users are also given the option of opting out of tracking which helps advertisers target ads or calculate whether ads are working.


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