Free Zoom Meetings Will Be Infiltrated With Ads

Free Zoom Meetings Will Be Infiltrated With Ads

Free Zoom users will get ads when using the platform. This was conveyed by Zoom’s Chief Marketing Officer, Janine Pelosi in the company’s official blog.

In the post, he started by saying the company’s mission is to bring happiness by bringing people together. And during a pandemic that divides many people, the platform is experiencing exponential growth.

According to him, the company wants to continue to provide products and services to users, encourage innovation and add value. That’s why Zoom is holding an advertising pilot program.

“With this in mind, today we are excited to launch an advertising pilot program that is expected to support investment and continue to provide access to the platform for free Basic users,” Pelosi said, quoted on Wednesday (11/3/2021).

He said, initially ads will be available on browser pages. This will be seen when the user has a meeting on Zoom.

For the record, not all free users will see ads. Because Pelosi said that only free Basic users in a number of countries get it when they join meetings.

Pelosi added that users will see banners on websites that provide links to cookie management tools. In addition, Zoom has also updated its Privacy Statement regarding this advertising program.

“There is one thing we want to make clear: as stated in the Privacy Statement, we will not use meetings, webinars or messages (especially audio, video, files, and messages) for marketing, promotion, or third party advertising purposes,” he explained.

Pelosi also ensures that Zoom’s free users stay connected with other users, even after advertising programs on the platform.

“This change ensures that free Basic users can continue to connect with friends, family and colleagues with the robust platform we’ve always offered,” said Pelosi.

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