Freezer Android Mod Apk v0.6.12 (Deezer Downloader & Streamer)

Freezer Android Mod Apk v0.6.12 (Deezer Downloader & Streamer)

Freezer is a free software that you can use to download and stream HQ music from deezer.Free, unlimited, without DRM music streaming app, which uses Deezer as backend. This app is still in BETA, so it is missing features and contains bugs.

You might get Play Protect warning – just select install anyway or disable Play Protect – it is because the keys used for signing this app are new.



– Download songs, album, and playlist

– Download in FLAC, MP3 320kbps and 128kbps available

– Stream your favorite musics

– Light, Dark and Black themes

– Search musics offline

ARL Token if you need:

Whats New:

Freezer Android 0.6.12:

– Fixed downloading some tracks that failed before / didn’t have tags

– Moved LastFM into audio service, so should work now on background better

– Accessibility improvements by dangou

– Fix playback from search history

– Fixed updater

– Translation updates and minor changes

Mod Info:

• Original Deezer Icon (Black, White)

• Deezer name

• Original Deezer icon in notifications

• Original icon in Favorites

• Removed status bar (Deezer will be full screen) – Optional

• Original Splash (as in Deezer) Updated

• Added a banner for TV boxes. How it looks

• Universal version of the mod (arm32 + arm64 + x86_64)

Download Links:

Deezer_v0.6.12_White_Icon_No_Autoswitching.apk – 32.8 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_Black_Icon_No_Autoswitching.apk – 32.8 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_White_Icon_No_Autoswitching_No_Status_Bar.apk – 32.8 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_Black_Icon_No_Autoswitching_No_Status_Bar.apk – 32.8 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_White_Icon_Autoswitch.apk – 32.8 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_Black_Icon_Autoswitch.apk – 32.8 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_White_Icon_Autoswitch_No_Status_Bar.apk – 32.8 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_Black_Icon_Autoswitch_No_Status_Bar.apk – 32.8 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_White_Icon.apk – 32.6 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_Black_Icon.apk – 32.6 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_White_Icon_No_Status_Bar.apk – 32.5 MB

Deezer_v0.6.12_Black_Icon_No_Status_Bar.apk – 32.6 MB

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