From Backchannel to Creator Commons, Here Are 5 New Clubhouse Features

From Backchannel to Creator Commons, Here Are 5 New Clubhouse Features

Clubhouse audio-based application has been around since 2020. At the beginning of its presence, the application could only be downloaded exclusively on iOS devices. Then in May 2021, Clubhouse can already be downloaded and enjoyed on Android devices.

Seeing the growing enthusiasm of its users around the world, for the past year Clubhouse has provided the latest features that make it easier for users to use the application, as well as search and get information that suits their interests.

Not only that, users also have the opportunity to share interesting information which can be done by creating a “room” that can be attended by many people. The discussions raised in the “room” also varied, ranging from topics of economic development, technology, health, music, to mystery stories.

The following are the latest features of Clubhouse:

  1. Clubhouse Removes “Waitlist” System

Say “Welcome!” to everyone — In July 2021, Clubhouse decided to abolish the ‘waitlist’ system. As is known, when it first appeared, Clubhouse had a system that required new users to get an ‘invitation’ from other users to be able to use the Clubhouse application. However, now the system has been removed. Now everyone can immediately join and use the Clubhouse without having to wait for an ‘invitation’ from other users.

2. “Backchannel”, message feature in Clubhouse

In July 2021, the Clubhouse application further developed by announcing a new feature, namely Backchannel, an instant messaging service feature that can make it easier for Clubhousers to communicate between fellow users.

3. Enjoy “Spatial Audio” at the Clubhouse which makes conversations come alive

Another interesting feature that Clubhouse provides is “Spatial Audio”. This feature is designed to make users feel more immersed in the conversation and to make the audio we listen to feel more alive and closer to us.

4. Join the ‘Club’ at the Clubhouse without having to ‘follow’ the ‘Club’

Clubhouse simplifies things by eliminating the “Followers” ​​system in the Club. This allows users to immediately join Club members with a ‘membership’ system. If you are the Admin of a Club, you can manage the Club by making membership of the Club ‘open’ or ‘open’, meaning anyone can join as a member of that Club.

Or another option is ‘by approval’, meaning that you manually accept one by one the requests of users who want to become Club members.

As a new user of Clubhouse, please refer to the following guide. There are two most important “spaces” or “pages” in the Clubhouse app, namely “the hallway” and “room”.

5. Creator Commons

Recently, Clubhouse launched Creator Commons, a platform to support creator success. Users can find information and tips for creating “rooms” and creating “clubs”, as well as determining interesting topics to discuss. You can also get complete information on how to work with brands and agencies.

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