Germany developed ultrasound contraceptive device

Germany developed ultrasound contraceptive device

German inventor Rebecca Weiss was one of the nominees for the Dyson award for a very unusual device. She created a bath that temporarily deactivates sperm cells using ultrasound. The device was named Coso.

A man who wants to protect his partner from unwanted pregnancy needs to place his testicles in this bath, turn on the UK radiation and wait a few minutes. After several such sessions, the sperm will become inactive, so there will be no risk of getting pregnant.

The inventor claims that it does not hurt, and two months after the termination of the procedures, the previous mobility returns to the sperm. The test of this device was carried out on animals, it confirmed the effectiveness of its work. It has not been tested in humans, but Weiss does not lose hope of one day bringing his invention to the market. Dyson presented her with a $ 3,600 award and included Arena shortlisted for a larger award – $ 55,000.

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