Get Ready, New Map Of Among Us Will Be Released on March 31st

Getting Ready New Map Of Among Us Will Be Released.jpg

After a long wait, Among Us players will finally arrive at the newest map. This map, called Airship, will be available on March 31 for free.

As the developer of InnerSloth, said the Airship map is the largest map in this social deduction game, with a variety of new tasks and the option to select a room when starting the game.

Getting Ready New Map Of Among Us Will Be Released.jpg

This new update will also add an account system feature to help moderate players. This feature has been in development for a while, but Innersloth wanted to make sure it was implemented properly.

“The proper moderation system is a very difficult and time-consuming system,” said InnerSloth, quoted from The Verge, Friday (19/3/2021).

“It’s not as easy as having a ‘report’ button and having an algorithm to block someone after multiple reports,” they continued.

Among Us was first released in 2018, but has suddenly exploded since last year when people turned to the game during the pandemic.

In fact, an estimated half a billion people were reported to have played it in November. The game became so popular that InnerSloth canceled its planned sequel to focus on the current version

Among Us is now available to play on PC, iOS, Android, and Switch, with an Xbox port coming out soon this year too.

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