Google app update allows to delete search history automatically

Google has updated its Android app with a useful feature.

We are talking about the ability to clear the search history in the application for the last 15 minutes. Previously, it did not exist, and all your actions were saved in your account – as a result, they were analyzed and ended up in a digital profile that generates personal tips and advertising. And clearing the entire history of actions was also not convenient for everyone.

Now users of the Google Android application have the opportunity to clear their activities for the last 15 minutes, while all previous history will be preserved.

To do this, open your profile by clicking on the icon and select “Clear history for the last 15 minutes”.

The developers promise that in the near future the function will appear on all Android devices. To get it on time, update the application to the latest version. By the way, iOS users got this feature back in July 2021.

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