Google is limiting number of Apps on Google Play Store. Bad news for Developers

Google is limiting number of Apps on Google Play Store. Bad news for Developers

Google announced changes in the rules of operation of its branded Play Store. The message was published on

According to the updated policy, the company is going to thin out the list of applications placed in the store. This will affect unpopular software, as well as developers who rarely update their applications. For example, if a developer has not logged into his account for more than 90 days, it will be closed and canceled. In addition, accounts with applications that have been downloaded less than 1000 times in three months may also be closed. The same goes for in-app purchases – if provided by the developer.

Google explains the new rules by the desire for more security in the Play Market. According to her, only software that is regularly updated by developers can be safe. In addition, accounts that have been inactive for a long time can be hacked and used to publish suspicious, phishing, or virus-infected applications.

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It is not yet clear how Google will deal with software that a priori does not require constant updates – it can be specialized utilities, or even very simple applications for solving everyday tasks. Obviously, many developers will have to rethink how they work in the Google Play Store.

Earlier, we talked about a dangerous bug in an encrypted messenger that has been causing trouble for Android users for more than six months. In addition, Google has pumped up applications for migrating from iOS to Android – the new feature will appeal to many.

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