Google launched its TikTok like platform “YouTube Shorts” in Russia

Google Launched Its Youtube Based Tiktok In Russia.png



Google has announced large-scale testing of its new YouTube Shorts platform. The beta version is available in Russia, and the ability to record videos directly in the YouTube application is being tested in India and will soon be available to authors from the United States.

Unlike classic YouTube, Shorts will consist of short, vertical videos. The platform provides the ability to merge a video from several videos, add background music, change the playback speed, and add text at certain moments of the video. The company promises that a legal library of tracks from 250 labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group will be available to users to create short films, which will constantly grow. In addition, content creators will be able to use the audio tracks of other people’s YouTube videos to record reactions, remixes and short voices – Google believes that this way creators will be able to find new audiences, and the platform itself will receive more interesting content. The company notes that video creators will be able to ban the use of their videos in other people’s creations.

Google launched its TikTok like platform "YouTube Shorts" in Russia

Google has implemented a separate search bar for Shorts on the YouTube homepage. Short films can be searched like regular videos on YouTube, or you can view recommendations from the platform itself by flipping the video vertically. Many of these features are already used in TikTok – for example, infinite vertical scrolling of featured videos and video design options such as gluing and overlaying text. In addition, TikTok permits – and even encourages – the use, addition, and voice-over of other people’s content without requiring strict adherence to copyright. At the end of 2020, YouTube introduced short videos from TikTok and Instagram to search results – analysts suggested that in this way the company wanted to keep an audience looking for entertaining content in a new format.