Google Meet Has New Filters and Animations, Here’s How to Use It

Google Meet Has New Filters and Animations, Here's How to Use It

Platform video-conference Google Meet just added new filters, effects and masks augmented reality (AR) for personal calls on iOS and Android.

This feature is available on the sparkle icon at the bottom right when making a video call.

When clicked, the application will provide various effects in the form of color filters and AR animated face effects.

Note that this filter is only available for personal Gmail accounts.

For Workspace users, Google does not provide it so that the account owner still looks professional.

This video effect is Google’s latest attempt to introduce Meet to a wider audience.

Previously, Meet was only available to enterprise and business-oriented users.

These filters are very similar to those already available on Google Duo before.

This platform was later replaced with Google Meet to make the application more widely used by general consumers.

Last June, Google also brought some new changes to the Google Meet app.

It is stated that the application will provide automatic text to raise hand to turn it into the main screen.