Google Pixel 6 Pro live photos leaked

Google Pixel 6 Pro live photos leaked

The first “live” photos of the future flagship from Google – Pixel 6 – leaked to the network. The Chinese resource MyDrivers drew attention to them.

According to the leaks, Google will release the Pixel lineup update in October 2021. Pixel 6 will be released in two versions – regular and Pro version. Photos of the Pixel 6 Pro have appeared on the network. And its design raises a lot of questions.

Pixel 6

In the photo, you can see that the front side of the smartphone is quite typical for Android flagships: very thin frames, the absence of any buttons or inscriptions, the “chin” is also not observed. Among the features – a rather small “eye” of the front camera relative to other popular smartphones, as well as a speaker on the top. This is an excellent solution, since the increasingly popular piezo speakers (based on bone conduction) do not perform well in everyday life.

Unlike the display, the back of the smartphone looks very unusual and, perhaps, “monstrous”. This is the first time Google is using such a solution – usually, the Pixel’s camera lenses are played rather modestly. But not this time: a whole strip is allocated for the cameras across the entire width of the device, which, it seems, also protrudes from the body. The color of the top and bottom of the back cover is different; it can be assumed that the variants of the smartphone in other colors will differ only in the top plate (in this case, beige) and the color of the Google logo, while the white back cover will remain unchanged.

According to leaks, Google Pixel 6 Pro will be equipped with a triple camera module – main, ultra-wide and telephoto – but in the pictures we see four “eyes” and a flash. Perhaps the fourth “lens” is not a camera at all, but a depth scanner or ToF sensor.

We’ve previously covered the specs of the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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