Google will bring Android games on Windows PC Natively

Google will bring Android games on Windows PC Natively

Google announced about the development of a utility that will allow you to run games created for Android on Windows. It will be possible to play such games on computers, laptops, tablets and other Windows devices.

According to Google, the utility is being developed independently by the company’s engineers, without the involvement of Microsoft and companies that create Android emulators in the Windows environment (for example, BlueStacks). The games will synchronize all data (for example, earned achievements and progress) and seamless transition between platforms – that is, you can start playing on a smartphone or tablet and continue on a computer or vice versa.

Google plans to release a native gaming app with Windows 10 and 11 support in 2022. The company will independently distribute this application, it will not be based on deep integration into Windows. Games will be installed and launched directly on the device, without using cloud streaming. This feature will be supported by all games with the integration of the Google Play Games service.

You can run Android games on Windows computers now – for example, using BlueStacks and other emulators. Typically, such emulators are rather gluttonous and demanding on system resources and contain strong restrictions (for example, games and applications that require Google services do not work in them). Microsoft plans to add integrated support for Android games and applications to Windows 11, which can be installed through the Amazon content store (and also without interacting with Google services). Hopefully, Google’s native game utility will be free of these shortcomings.

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