Google Search Provides Guitar Tuning Features

Google Search Provides Guitar Tuning Features

Guitar users can now practically do guitar tuning only through Google Search, using Keyword Google tuner both on desktop and mobile. This feature can make it easier for guitarists without having to download a special guitar tuning application.

Previously, this feature was available on the Google Assistant, which offered this capability with the “tune my instrument” voice command. But this new addition helps users tune their guitar using only a mobile web browser and built-in microphone.

To take advantage of this feature, users only need to search in the search field with the keyword “Google tuner” which will display a color tuner. It will work on both conventional desktop web browsers and mobile devices. Users will see a prompt on their screen to allow microphone access so that the feature can configure the strings they want to tune.

When tuning your guitar, the tuner will tell you whether to raise or lower it to achieve the right note. There is also a visual indicator that gives users details about the sharpness or evenness of the guitar. It is recommended to use the built-in microphone on the phone when tuning the guitar.

Please note that when tuning the guitar, the user needs to bring the phone closer to the guitar to get an accurate representation.

Google Search Provides Guitar Tuning Features

Using the guitar tuning application may burden the internal storage capacity of the mobile phone. Although the Guitar Tuning application has more features than just tuning the guitar, then this is a solution to reduce the capacity in the Internal memory, because in the Google Tuner feature, it provides features that are simpler than other guitar Tuning applications, so that they are easy to use.

This feature will not work as expected if the microphone in the phone is not able to pick up sound to its full potential. However, it’s also a solution for users who are in a hurry and want to tune the guitar, this online tuner is a worthy tool to have on your playlist.

In addition to this feature, Google also offers personalized answers based on the information recorded in your Google account. This can be anything from “flight” information in Gmail or “home directions” on Google Maps. This feature also offers recommendations according to account algorithms such as “where to eat” or “what to watch” and so on.

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