Google TV app prepares to replace forgotten Android TV remote control

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For a few months, one of Google’s efforts has been to migrate all its television-related services to Google TV, a platform / interface that in turn works on Android TV. The next step could be resurrect the Android TV remote control app.

The app of android tv remote control it is still functional, although it has not been updated for four years. 9to5Google has found hints that the idea would still be alive, but integrated within the Google TV app.


The return of the remote

The Android TV remote control app is very useful, as it allows you to use a touch pad to move around the interface or type with the mobile keyboard, as opposed to doing a lot of tapping on the limited remotes that ship with televisions or devices like a Xiaomi Mi Tv Stick.

To work, the app connects to nearby devices using Bluetooth or that are on the same Wi-Fi network and, although it still works well today, there are parts that they have become a little outdated, such as the box to write text. After all, the app never went beyond version 1.1.0.

It seems that, at least, the concept of remote control from the mobile phone is not going to disappear, but rather change places. Inside the APK of the latest version of the Google TV app there are indications that will include remote control function, without needing another additional app. It is not functional yet, although at the moment it seems more or less the same as the small remote control app.


This is inside the Google TV app, which is in turn reincarnation of Google Play Movies, although it has only been renamed to Google TV in some countries. This means that you will not need to install another app to control Android TV, since Google TV (or Play Movies) is pre-installed on all Android phones with Google services. Of course, if you have it disabled because you weren’t using it, you will have to re-enable it.