Google Updates Policy On Misleading Apps on Play Store

Google Updates Policy On Misleading Apps on Play Store

Google will restrict developers from potentially misleading app descriptions on the Play Store. This new policy will force developers to provide Play Store users with accurate info about their apps. This can be seen from the title, number of characters or icons presented by the developer.

This is important for users who are looking for an app for the first time on the Play Store. Because generally they don’t know, and they are interested in titles, icons. So Google gave developers time to fix this problem before enacting the policy change.

Google Updates Policy On Misleading Apps on Play Store

The policy covers the length of the title, then the application will be limited to 30 characters. Titles will also be free of repetitive promotional info, emojis, or special characters.

The policy change is a welcome move from Google, according to him, it is better late than never.

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These steps will make it easier for users to find the original application, or at least one with an accurate description and title. The new guidelines also apply to feature images, screenshots, videos and short descriptions.

Apps or developers who do not comply with this policy will be restricted from appearing on the Google Play Store. This rule will take effect immediately from the end of this year.


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