Google Voice Assistant helps you find your lost iPhone

Google Voice Assistant helps you find your lost iPhone

Google spoke about the new features that will appear in its voice assistant on Android and iOS. Apple users will be able to find their lost iPhone using an assistant.

Owners of Android gadgets have long been able to use the Google Assistant to activate the sound signal on their smartphone if they cannot find it. A similar feature is available in the Apple Locator service. The new feature will be especially useful for users who use a smart speaker with Google Assistant support. Through it, you can give a command to play a signal on a lost gadget.

To enable the notification, you need to make a request “find my phone”. The iPhone will then start beeping to search. To play this sound in an emergency, even when the smartphone is in silent or do not disturb mode, special permission from Apple is required. Apparently Google got it.

Other innovations for the Google Assistant include various automations. According to the company, they will allow you to perform several actions at once with a single command.


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