After Opinion Rewards Google has released Task Mate, a new application with which you can earn money, although in a slightly different way.

It is not only survey based, but to complete different types of tasks with your phone

Google's Task Mate App Lets You Earn Money By Completing Simple Tasks On Your Phone

Google has already listed the application on Google Play in India, and it’s accessible to a limited number of beta-testers and requires an invite code to start using it, although you can get the idea of ​​how it will work by completing tasks and receive money in your account from screenshots and the description.

Do simple tasks and receive money in return

Google is no stranger to crowdsourcing , and many of its products were improved by the data received from users, either passively or directly through surveys. Task Mate has a bit different approach, and that is that the tasks are created by various businesses , which uses Task Mate as a platform to collect data and pays Google for it and Google in turn pays the money to users who completed the tasks.

In some aspects, Task Mate is similar to Google Opinion Rewards, but without a sole focus on user opinions. There are surveys, yes and also other tasks that involve you doing something either sitting at home or traveling outside .

Google's Task Mate App Lets You Earn Money By Completing Simple Tasks On Your Phone

In the descriptions of the App in Play Store we can see examples of some tasks that are carried out from home, such as dictating sentences, transcribing sentences, translating sentences or going outside home for checking data from a store or answering a survey, as well as the “field” tasks of going to a specific place and take photos of store windows or take a photo of a nearby restaurant.

In Task Mate, you will be able to choose the tasks which interest you, and earn the reward for each task in your account, once the system marks them as completed and approved. When you want to receive the money, you can withdraw it to an account that you have linked to the application and as long as the minimum possible has been exceeded, which in the screenshots is shown as an example as 10 dollars.