Gradjent Unlocked For KLWP 2.5 Latest APK Free Download

Gradjent Unlocked For KLWP 2.5 Latest APK Free Download

This is not a stand-alone app
You need KLWP Pro Key to use this theme.

Basic set up tutorial:
» Install KLWP along with KLWP Pro Key
» Install Gradjent and open it
» Tap the theme and it will open up in KLWP.
» Go to 'Globals' Tab to customize your preset.
» Tap the disk icon at the top to save your changes.
» Set KLWP as your wallpaper in your launcher.
» Create 3 empty pages (no dock and icons) in your launcher.

For a full tutorial on how you can customize this theme, watch my tutorial here:

About Gradjent:
Gradjent is a minimalist KLWP preset that lets you be more productive by bringing you day to day life functions, such as, quick setting controls, frequently used apps and music player right to your homescreen. Gradjent is versatile and highly customizable through Kustom Globals. Everything is described in a simple manner so if you are new to KLWP, everything should be easy to set up.

Gradjent's versatility also lets you create your own theme with your own set of colors and background. Explore its global settings and make it truly your's!

Gradjent Unlocked Features:
– Take your settings with you. Gradjent unlocked lets you export your klwp settings so you don't have to go through them everytime.
– A large library of custom made wallpapers that is updated through the cloud.


Having issues? Want to send a feature request? Send an email to before leaving a bad review so i can fix your issue.

Follow me on twitter for updates:

Special Thanks to the r/Kustom and r/AndroidThemes community on Reddit and Discord for helping me build this theme. You guys rock!

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