Harmony Os coming in june to challenge Google’s Android

Harmony Os coming in june to challenge Google’s Android

Huawei will release a replacement OS for EMUI on June 2, namely HarmonyOS. What does the operating system look like?

The launch will take place through a live broadcast that will take place on June 2 at 8 pm local time. This launch schedule was released by Huawei through its Weibo account, and Huawei also showed the HarmonyOS screen.

In the video, you can see the HarmonyOS home screen showing Huawei’s handwriting before finally displaying the HarmonyOS logo. Later, Huawei also promised to show a new product at the launch event.

Harmony Os coming in june to challenge Google's Android

Most likely, the product in question is the Huawei MatePad2, which is supposed to be Huawei’s first device that has been using HarmonyOS from the start.

Previously, Huawei also pointed to 300 million devices running HarmonyOS by the end of 2021. A third of these targets are believed to come from newly released devices running HarmonyOS from scratch.

In the video shown above, you can see that the HarmonyOS looks very similar to EMUI 11, and it is also likely Android-based. But maybe when HarmonyOS launches it will no longer be based on Android.

In the demo video uploaded to Weibo, you can see a cell phone unit that looks like the Huawei Mate 40 Pro that is already running HarmonyOS. The four minute video shows the enhancements HarmonyOS brings.

One of the more drastic changes is the new control center that appears by sliding down the screen in the upper right corner.

Meanwhile, the default mobile search engine will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The notification panel can be accessed by sliding the screen down anywhere.

Another cool thing that was revealed in this video is how fast the process of opening and closing apps is on HarmonyOS than it is on an Android phone.


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