Heavy Internet Traffic Due to Squid Game, South Korean Provider Sues Netflix

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The Netflix Squid Game series was a huge success, many people are eager to watch it, even the virtual world is filled with stories, mames or even cutscenes posted by netizens due to the excitement of the film.

However, there are those who don’t really like the success story of Squid Game, namely SK Broadband, an internet provider from South Korea. Even Internet Service Providers The (ISP) even demanded that Netflix be willing to pay, because there is no denying that so much bandwidth and maintenance costs are used because of the surge in traffic coming from the streaming giant.

According to SK Broadband estimates, Netflix owed 27.2 billion won (Rp 326.7 billion) in 2020 alone. They claimed to have handled about 1,200 Gigabits of Netflix processed data per second as of September. The data rose 24 times from May 2018.

In response, Netflix published a statement on its blog claiming its contribution to the South Korean economy, creating 16,000 jobs and growing $4.8 billion.

On its blog, Netflix says that it is “a platform for the spread of new Hallyu culture through shows like Kingdom, Vincenzo, and even the recently aired Squid Game.” It was also touted that Squid Game was the first Korean series to reach the No. 1 on Netflix US.

Earlier in June, in the SK Broadband vs. Netflix case, a South Korean court won the streaming giant in July, saying SK Broadband had no reason to sue for bandwidth charges.

These fees essentially force Netflix to pay extra for its services to reach users. At the time, Netflix argued that they were simply doing their job by creating content, and the cost of the network was part of SK Broadband’s job of providing internet to its subscribers.

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