Here are 6 new sophisticated features of Android released by Google

Here are 6 new sophisticated features of Android released by Google

Last month, Google officially introduced Android 12. It released the first version of Android 12 and gave an overview of some of the features available when it was released later.

But prior to the launch, Google had announced six new features in its current operating system, Android 11. The company has announced the feature some time ago.

Here are 6 new sophisticated features of Android released by Google

Here are the six features, quoted from the official Google blog, Thursday (17/6/2021):

1. Earthquake Warning System

With this system, people in disaster-affected areas can get a warning a few seconds before an earthquake occurs.

The system has already been rolled out in New Zealand and Greece. Then followed by Turkey, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajiskistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The launch will be prioritized in countries with the highest earthquake risk. It is expected to launch more countries in the next few years.

2. Star Messages

Users can put an asterisk on the Messages app. That way they can track important messages later and find them easily.

You do this by clicking and holding the message you want to mark, then put an asterisk. To find the message you just have to tap on the star category.

This feature will roll out more widely in the coming weeks.

3. Emoji Kitchen

Google has introduced a new Emoji Kitchen sticker. Users can quickly use frequently used stickers.

You will see suggestions in Emoji Kitchen after typing a message. These suggestions will be available in the Gboard beta starting today and publicly in messages written in English, Spanish and Portuguese in the not too distant future.

4. More Access to Apps with User Voice

Users can ask to open or search for many favorite applications with their voice. Just say something like ‘Ok Google, pay my Capital One bill’ to go straight to the app and complete the desired activity.

5. Voice Access

This feature is specifically made for users with motor disabilities. Voice Access provides users with fast and efficient navigation of the phone and applications using only their voice.

With gaze detection, users can access Voice Access by simply staring at the screen. So users can move naturally while talking to other people and using the phone.

6. Android Auto

Users can customize more Android Auto experience. For example personalizing the launcher screen directly from the phone and setting dark mode manually.

In addition, you can easily browse content with new tabs in media applications. This feature also adds to the experience of EV charging, parking and navigation applications.


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