Hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy A52

Hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy A52

Smartphone exists to simplify various activities and make it easier for humans to carry out their daily lives. Even, smartphones also able to provide added value that makes users more comfortable using them as a daily driver. Understanding this, Samsung continues to innovate to present smartphones which makes work effective and efficient and provides a wide range of personalization possibilities. This innovation is now present through the Samsung Galaxy A52 which offers a variety of features Awesome as a solution to various user needs, as well as pleasuring customers in using it.

“We always embed unique and different features in each smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy A52. Some of the various features Awesome the one in the Galaxy A52 is called background to the latest version of the Samsung Keyboard, both of which take the mobile personalization experience to a deeper and more unique level for users. Apart from that, there are features of call recording which provides an easy way for users to record important conversations with just one tap. Not to forget, there are features Dual Messenger which offers management of multiple accounts in one more compact device” said Irfan Rinaldi, Product Marketing Manager Samsung Mobile, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

“Samsung hopes that innovations that provide more convenience for these users will make the Samsung Galaxy A52 become smartphone choice of users in supporting their daily lives. In fact, features Awesome earlier could tell you that story epic for users to take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy A52, making them not hesitate to share their advantages smartphone to friends or family, “said Irfan added.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 has various hidden features that allow users to continue to explore its capabilities smartphone. From there, here are four features that make the Samsung Galaxy A52 unique and make users worth showing off their skills to their friends. Check out the explanation below.

  1. Call background

Call background is one of the features that are present in One UI 3.0, the user interface latest from Samsung. This feature is useful for customizing the appearance of calls on the cellphone screen. Call background allows users to choose an image or video that appears when there is an incoming call or when making an outgoing call. The uniqueness of the features call background this makes it worth showing off to friends.

Here’s how to use the features call background:

  • Open the application Phone/Telephone
  • select Settings/Settings
  • select Call background call background
  • select Background/ Background to set an image or video to be displayed on the screen when making or receiving calls
  • select Layout/ Layout to set the caller info display or the person being called
Hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy A52
Call display after using the Call background feature

2. Call recording

The Samsung Galaxy A52 allows its users to record phone calls via a feature call recording. With this feature, user security can be better maintained than users using call recorders from third-party applications. In addition, users also do not need to use additional communication applications if the purpose is solely to make calls that can be recorded.

This can provide more convenience for users when they want to make a summary from a brainstorm or simply re-listening to a recent telephone job interview. Effectiveness and efficiency of features call recording to make it worth telling friends and work colleagues alike.

Here’s how to use the features call recording:

  • Tap option Record/ Record on call display.
  • After the call, the recordings can be found in the folder Call on the internal memory
  • Users can choose to record calls automatically to certain numbers by accessing the application Phone/ Phone -> Settings/ Settings -> Record calls/ Record calls -> Auto record calls/ Automatically record calls

3. Dual Messenger

Features Dual Messenger Allows users to create two separate accounts from the same instant messaging and social media app. This flexibility makes it easy for users who need two different accounts for personal and professional needs on one device at the same time. The main and duplicate applications can work simultaneously without affecting each other’s performance. Features Dual Messenger can be shared as a recommendation for friends and co-workers who want to be more efficient in managing their instant messaging accounts.

Here’s how to use the features of Dual Messenger:

  • Open the application Settings/Settings
  • select Advanced features/ Advanced features
  • select Dual Messenger
  • Set any applications that will be duplicated by turning on the toggle next to an available application icon
  • Choose to use the contact list separately or the existing one on the duplicate app
  • The duplicate app will be installed and displayed on the Apps screen or with special marks so as not to confuse the user

Hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy A52

4. Access Spotify, YouTube, and Google Translate directly inside the keyboard

The Samsung Keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy A52 allows users to access apps like Spotify, YouTube, and Google Translate right inside the keyboard. Other applications such as Netflix to Samsung Pass are also available on the Samsung Keyboard. The ability that Awesome is worth showing off because it is able to show the possibilities for innovation that can arise at smartphones at a later date.

With this feature, users can freely search for songs or videos from Spotify and YouTube to then share with others without having to open the main application. Then, users can translate faster, and the translation results will appear wherever the cursor is, from the memo application to the chats on the instant messaging app.

Here’s how to bring the extensions to Spotify, YouTube, and Google Translate right inside the keyboard:

  • Open the application Settings/Settings
  • select General management/ General management
  • Select Samsung Keyboard settings/ Samsung keyboard settings
  • Select third-party content to use/ Select third party content to be used
  • Set which applications you want to appear on the keyboard by turning on the available toggle

Hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy A52

For information, all illustration images are captured directly when the Samsung Galaxy A52 uses the feature Dark Mode, which now comes with an improvement over the previous version.


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