HiFi Quality Audio Coming Soon to Apple Music

HiFi Quality Audio Coming Soon to Apple Music

Apple Music is back with the latest innovations. Apple Music is reportedly bringing HiFi or High Fidelity audio support for a more memorable music streaming experience.

But Apple gives a reason, HiFi support to Apple Music will make it easier for Apple Music customers and owners of compatible devices, such as certain AirPods models. Certain AirPods such as the AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and later.

HiFi Quality Audio Coming Soon to Apple Music

Given the evidence that Apple Music’s HiFi support can be limited to only the newer AirPods models, Apple could offer HiFi as a separate, more expensive tier for compatible AirPods owners. Thus, subscribers with older AirPods will be able to maintain their existing Apple Music subscriptions without HiFi support.

Apple Music’s HiFi audio support will allow users to enjoy clear and ‘soft’ audio quality. Audio Hifi is able to reduce noise and distortion levels so that the sound produced sounds like the original sound.
With the HiFi feature, users will no longer hear sound disturbances in music.

MacRumours reported, in the first beta version of iOS 14.6, there are 3 codes that refer to HiFi audio technology. The 3 new codes added to the iOS 14.6 beta version specifically mention Dolby’s Hifi technology, namely Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio, and LossLess.

For information, the three Dolby technologies can be run on Apple’s HiFi ALAC audio codec. However, until now Apple still hasn’t brought Dolby’s 3 HiFi technologies and is still using the AAC codec with a bitrate of 256 kbps.
Additional code in the beta shows that Apple can incorporate a dynamic way for Apple Music to switch between standard and compressed audio streams and high-fidelity streaming.

On the iPhone 12 with 5G, Apple has a “Smart Data Mode”, which automatically switches between 5G and 4G / LTE connections depending on the user’s current needs, connection strength, and battery life.

According to the code in beta, Apple could take a similar approach with HiFi support in Apple Music, only offering high-fidelity audio streaming to users when there is sufficient bandwidth or depending on other factors such as user data consumption. Some rumors reveal that Apple Music HiFi support will arrive in the coming weeks.

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Apple itself is predicted not to give additional costs for Apple Music customers to be able to enjoy HiFi audio technology.

As is known, Spotify has announced plans to include HiFi support for subscribers sometime this year, but has not announced an exact date. Apple is reportedly preparing to announce a new HiFi tier as soon as a few weeks coinciding with the release of the third generation of AirPods


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