HomePlus Pro, Xenon and other new jailbreak tweaks for jailbroken iOS Devices

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There have been a lot of things happening in the field of jailbreak lately. The unc0ver jailbreak now supports iOS 14, which is good news. No matter how long you have been jailbreaking, this article will definitely bring you something new.


Below we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks released over the past week, and we’ll start as usual with the best ones.

Best tweaks of the week

HomePlus Pro


Customizing your device is an important part of jailbreak, and you should start right from your home screen.

HomePlus Pro – a new tweak that allows you to customize your home screen layout. With it, you can display your number of icons on the screen, change the distance between them, etc.

You can download the HomePlus Pro tweak from the repository Chariz.

SmartNetwork 2

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SmartNetwork 2 Is a useful tweak that will give you full control over your device’s wireless connectivity.

You can not only manage connected devices, but also view the entire history of wireless connections, including Wi-Fi networks with passwords.

Read more about the SmartNetwork 2 tweak and how it works here.


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Twick Xenon allows you to connect to the file system of the device and work with it through a computer.

The tweak includes a client for macOS or Windows that binds the device’s file system to your computer’s file manager.

Learn more about the Xenon tweak in the full review.

Other tweaks

Aeaea: Tidy up notification banners (BigBoss).

Anywhere Widgets for iPad: Lets you add widgets anywhere you want to your iPadOS 14 (PoomSmart) home screen.

aquarius: Improved widget with music (Twickd).

ColourMyDock: Lets you change Dock colors in iOS 14 (Packix).

CompactBatteryAvocado: Displays the battery percentage even on the smallest iOS and iPadOS 14 battery widget (udevs).

CopyKey: Adds text editing options to the bottom of the keyboard (by Packix).

DeleteForeverXS: Makes it easier to delete photos completely (Packix).

DisablePasteTips: Disables pasting options from the clipboard in iOS 14 (BigBoss).

Enchant: Change the look of notifications on iPhone and iPad (Packix).

HideWidgetNames: Hides widget signatures in iOS 14 (ckosmic).

IconState: Allows you to use a custom icon layout (PoomSmart).

iWall: Wallpaper tweak (BigBoss).

MsgSwap: It is more convenient to send photos through Messages (BigBoss).

NotabilityUndo: Double-tap to undo in Notability (Packix).

Opal Travel Jailbreak Detection Bypass: Bypasses jailbreak detection in Opal Travel App (Packix).

Quorra: Adds indicator dots from iOS 14 to devices with iOS 12 and 13 (BigBoss).

ShakeItOff: Shake the device to perform an action (nahtedetihw).

SortingSwipe: Sort icons on the home screen with one swipe (BigBoss).

SpotBetter: Customize Spotlight (Packix).

StripeCount: Displays the number of installed tweaks in Zebra Tweak Manager (BigBoss).

TextTime: Displays the time on the lock screen as text (BigBoss).

Userscript Manager: Allows you to apply custom scripts (BigBoss).

Vinyl: Simplifies the music widget (BigBoss).

Yobun Pro: Universal Toolbox (Packix).