How much does Apple pay artists per stream?

How much does Apple pay artists per stream?

Listening to music online (and consuming any content online) has become one of the main entertainment for most people. It is very important how much the service pays to those who upload these contents.

How much does Apple pay artists per stream?

Apple has posted an entire letter to performers. According to the letter, the company pays artists more than its main competitor, Spotify. More precisely, the performer receives 1 cent for one listening. That’s double what Spotify pays (0.3-0.5 cents).

Interestingly, one cent per audition is considered the norm, but often performers are paid less than that.

The company pays 52% of this amount from subscription revenue, i.e. 52 hubs for every dollar, labels and copyright holders. Those already decide for themselves how much to pay the performer. Technically, they pay a cent for listening, but the full amount does not reach the artist himself.

Spotify and Apple Music are competitors, but they are very different services. Spotify has a free version with no subscription, but with ads. Apple Music doesn’t have that. Additionally, Spotify has over 340 million users and 155 million pay for Spotify Premium.

In June 2019, Apple Music had over 60 million users. How many of them are now unknown.

In its letter, Apple has officially confirmed all of the information above. The company also indicated that the number of artists earning $ 500,000 in a year from the service has doubled in recent times.


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