How to activate the dark mode of Google Maps on Android

How to activate the dark mode of Google Maps on Android

We are going to explain to you how to activate the dark mode of Google Maps on Android, what is starting to roll out gradually between users. And by gradually we mean that it begins to reach some people, but it may take a few hours or days for others to begin to see it.

At the moment, the dark mode has only been activated in the Android version of the Google Maps app, although it is expected that in the coming weeks it will also end up reaching iOS. The steps to follow are simple, and only you will have to look for the option in the settings of the app to activate the dark theme. Here we leave you the step by step.


Activate Google Maps dark mode on Android

Profile Picture

The first thing you have to do is open Google Maps, and once on its main screen, click on your profile picture. This profile picture appears in the top right, just to the right of the search bar on the To explore.

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When you click on your profile image, a small menu will open with some options related to your profile and your data. Here, what you should do is click on the option Settings to enter the Google Maps settings.


Once you enter the screen of Setting, you have to click on the option Topic that will appear below Solo Wi-Fi. In the event that you do not see this option, it will be because it has not been implemented yet. You will have to wait a few hours or days for the next application updates.

Choose Theme

When you click on Topics, a window will open with three different options. In her, you can leave the dark theme permanently activated, do the same with the light, or configure Maps to use the light or dark theme depending on which one is using Android at the operating system level.

Dark Mode On

Once you activate the dark mode, you will see that all colors on the map take on dark tones, and that it is no longer so bright. By following these same steps, you will be able to change the settings again whenever you want.

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